The National Public Records Research Association has seven standing committees. Below are the descriptions of each. All association members are invited to get involved!

Conference Committee

To facilitate smooth and efficient site selection, planning and presentation of the annual meeting between NPRRA and any other associations or groups that have the desire or invitation to join the NPRRA annual convention.

  • Coordinate with chair of association sharing the conference, if applicable.
  • Work closely with the association management company in planning, selection and presentation of annual conference.
  • Serve as liaison between NPRRA and other associations or groups invited to meet with the association at the annual meeting.

Committee Chair: Irene Motta, Committee Co-Chair: Valerie Hawk.

Education Committee

To develop educational materials for presentation to NPRRA members via the NPRRA Professional Training Institute or via the Member Resources page of the NPRRA website.

  • Identify content that will be valuable to NPRRA members in terms of training staff and/or keeping abreast of industry developments.
  • Coordinate with NPRRA Members and/or external parties for development of content.
  • Work with content developers to process into formants applicable for NPRRA use.
  • Work with Technology Committee to get content posted for member consumption.

Committee Chair: Kent Schaller, Committee Co-Chair: Kacy Flowers

Ethics Committee

The purpose of the NPPRA Ethics Committee is to:

  • Provide recommendations for resolution of conflicts stemming from alleged violations of the NPRRA Code of Ethics
  • Provide a sounding board for member inquiries and advisory opinions on ethics based issues within our industry
  • Conduct periodic review of NPRRA Code of Ethics and make recommendations to the Board of Directors pertaining to changes in the Code

The NPRRA Ethics Committee does not have the power to issue sanctions and will operate within the boundaries of the NPRRA ByLaws. The Ethics Committee may issue recommendations and advisory opinions only.

  • For member removal procedures see NPRRA bylaws, Article IV section 1(c) here
  • Click here for the NPRRA Code of Ethics

Committee Chair: Matt Marzucco, Committee Co-Chair:  Jeff Speredelozzi

Government Affairs Committee

Click here for information on the Government Affairs Committee.

Committee Chair: Nicholas Hopeck, Committee Co-Chair: Kent Schaller

Membership Committee

To continuously monitor membership and understand reasons for joining and reasons for churn so that the membership committee can revise its strategy for maintenance and increase in membership.

  • Help maintain current membership levels and retain all current individual members via communication of membership value and benefits.
  • Increase membership among potential businesses.
  • Increase membership numbers in order to make the NPRRA more attractive to vendors who may offer discounts and incentives.
  • Increase revenue for the NPRRA.
  • Create new relationships with service vendors which would offer discounts and free services to members. This would add value for existing members and incentive for potential members to join NPRRA.
  • Assist in collection of unpaid membership dues each year.

Committee Chair: Joel Kissell, Committee Co-Chair: Valerie Hawk

Outreach & Public Relations Committee

Mission:  To establish and reinforce the NPRRA brand and increase NPRRA’s exposure to and dialogue with various stakeholders, including:

  • Regulators and government agencies
  • Existing and potential NPRRA members
  • Members of the legal community

The Outreach & PR Committee (“OPRC”) was created to manage and shape external perception of NPRRA and to establish and maintain relationships with other associations and with government agencies related to the public records research industry.  The committee fulfills that mission through:

  • Social media outreach including twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn engagement
  • NPRRA representation at key government group meetings and industry events
  • Acting as public relations department for the Board and other NPRRA committees

Committee Chair: Jessica Lockard, Committee Co-Chair: Nicholas Hopeck

Technology Committee

To continuously monitor the technology and information needs of the NPRRA association membership and board of directors, and to implement solutions to those needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Manage the implementation and maintenance of technology solutions for the NPRRA membership directed toward enhancing communication among association members, and toward disseminating timely jurisdictional and educational material.
  • Manage the implementation and maintenance of technology solutions on behalf of all NPRRA directors, officers, and committees in order to deliver information, content and functionality valuable to the NPRRA membership.
  • Manage the enhancement and maintenance of the NPRRA website in accordance with the needs of NPRRA directors, officers, committees and the association membership.

Committee Chair: Kelly McKown, Committee Co-Chair: Matt Marzucco




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