Government Affairs Committee (GAC)


To provide a platform to monitor and track federal, state and county administrative and legislative actions that may have impact on the interests of NPRRA members.

Primary areas of concern:

  • Initiatives that may impact access to public records, including
    • Privacy concern issues
    • Cost and efficient right of access issues
  • Initiatives pertaining to limitations on reporting of information obtained from public records (including but not limited to PI Licensing issues)
  • Legislation pertaining to the reporting of Beneficial Ownership information in conjunction with forming and maintaining corporate entities
  • Trends and actions of federal agencies pertaining to anti-terrorism, drug-trafficking and money laundering efforts and the impact of pertinent regulations on our industry
  • Disintermediation of our industry’s core services through technological advances available to records administrators
  • Initiatives that impact how and where public records are recorded, stored or accessed, including but not limited to implementation of lien registries on a national scale

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