Professional Training Institute of Public Records and Corporate Service Providers
sponsored by the National Public Records Research Association

NPRRA is the proud host of the Professional Training Institute of Public Records and Corporate Service Providers (the “Institute”). The purpose of the Institute is to provide online courses that assist with in-house training of staff in the industry. These online courses are invaluable tools for exposing new employees to different facets of the industry and also serve as refresher courses for seasoned industry veterans. Details on current Institute offerings are provided below.

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How to Enroll

Institute Fees

Course Descriptions


Enrolling in a course is quick and easy!

  • New users need to select the “create a new account” link on the Institute’s home page to begin.
  • When a new account is created, the system will send the user an email with an activation link. The email will come from the remote learner email address:
  • Once the account is activated, all the user needs to do is click on the desired course and login to enroll.
  • The user will have the option to either submit payment via PayPal or by entering an enrollment key provided by NPRRA. (Enrollment keys are provided when companies qualify for free courses based on NPRRA promotions.)

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NPRRA Member Rate: $75 per course

Member Special: For every 5 paid course completions per NPRRA member company, the 6th course is free! To claim your free course, please send an email to including copies of your last 5 proof of payment receipts, the institute username of the person who will utilize the free course and the name of the course in which you would like to have them enrolled. We will email to let the user know as soon as the free enrollment is complete. Offer valid pertaining to courses completed subsequent to October 01, 2013.

Bulk Pricing:

Obtain unlimited access to one, two or three courses for all of your employees. Once your company has registered for this program, you will be given an access code for each course, which can be used by an unlimited number of employees during a one-year period. The more employees you put through the courses, the greater the savings! To register or for additional information email us at The fee breakdown of this program is as follows:

  1. Unlimited 1-course access: $1,300
  2. Unlimited 2-course bundle: $2,400 ($200 savings)
  3. Unlimited 3-course bundle: $3,500 ($400 savings)

Each student will receive an NPRRA attested Certificate of Completion upon passing the final exam at the end of a course!

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Click each course below for a detailed description:

  • Industry Background: History, Best Practices and Liability
    This course should be an integral part of each employee’s orientation; as it serves to provide the students with a general understanding of the public records research industry, particularly as it pertains to the services provided by NPRRA member companies. More details...
  • UCC Basics
    An overview of searching and filing within the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) system presented in a historical context, this course is designed to maximize a student’s understanding of the UCC world, including Revised Article 9 and the changes that brought it to its current form. Special attention is given to certain more complex concepts that UCC searchers and filers must be aware of in order to be effective in handling client requests regarding UCC financing statements. More details...
  • Registered Agent Service
    From the basics of registered agent service provision to the complexities of dealing with odd situations where the stakes may be high for the client as well as the agent, the Registered Agent Service course shows where a service that may seem simple to the casual observer actually requires astute service providers who know there is a great deal to consider when making sure this service is performed correctly and in a manner that keeps liability exposure for all parties involved in check. More details...

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