Vision, Objectives, Values


NPRRA is the premier industry resource for businesses engaged in the public record and corporate services industry.


To enhance our membership’s ability to provide public record services through:

  • Education
  • Facilitating networking opportunities and exchange of ideas
  • Enhancing awareness of legislative initiatives and technological changes
  • Empowering members through group initiatives
  • Providing members the opportunity to speak with a collective voice
  • Securing the future of our industry by encouraging practices that reflect positively in the eyes of government agencies, law enforcement and the general public

The core values by which the board of directors and those working on behalf of the association guide the decision making process.


In any business, a strong focus on operating in a principled and trustworthy manner sets a strong foundation.


Those running the association are in a leadership position within the industry. We value industry expertise and look to utilize knowledge gained through industry and non-industry experience for the good of the association and the furtherance of our mission.


We remain ever vigilant of the respect that should be accorded to all members, large or small, with an eye toward empowering members to better themselves and their businesses through social engagements that are effective as well as enjoyable.


Continuously considering what is around the bend, we endeavor to help members avoid surprises and stay ahead of the game.

Declaration of Professional Ethics