Who are our members?

NPRRA members are companies and individuals who offer services related to documents stored in public records maintained by federal, state and local government agencies. Our members search, retrieve and file documents, and serve in certain corporate capacities such as registered agent. Membership composition ranges from small businesses of 1-2 people servicing specific local jurisdictions, to national companies with hundreds of employees, to international firms that obtain documentation from sources around the globe. NPRRA members provide a wide array of services to the legal community, the financial industry and the general public.

Examples of some of the core services performed by NPRRA members
      ✓ Corporate Filing Services
      ✓ Corporate Retrieval and Information Services
      ✓ Criminal Record Searches
      ✓ Document Retrieval Services
      ✓ Due Diligence Searching
      ✓ Incorporation/Entity Formation Services
      ✓ Intellectual Property Searches  (Trademark, Servicemark, Patent)
      ✓ Litigation and Bankruptcy Searches
      ✓ Patriot Act/Terrorist Watch List Searches
      ✓ Property and Title Services
      ✓ Registered Agent Services
      ✓ Special Entity Services such as Independent Manager/Independent Director
      ✓ Tax Lien and Judgment Lien Searches
      ✓ UCC Searches and Filings

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive. Some members are involved in other facets of the public records industry that may not be listed here, and some members may have branches that offer services outside the scope of public records altogether. Conversely, not all NPRRA members offer all of these services. Companies may focus only on certain areas, whether by function or geography. The information on this page is designed to reflect the broader identity of the group comprising members of the NPRRA.